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Build Your Own

Hits:713     Release Time:2018-05-14

    What is "Build your own" Tab?

A lot of customers asked about this tab.

Build your own tab is make to order tab that allows you to choose different component that you want, and we will assemble it for FREE once we received the order. And tested & benchmarked before shipping.

Normally if you are using "Build your own", everything is added to your cart separately,  do not worry. we will assemble everything for you.

If you still feeling confused, you can check your cart. If you see "warranty" in your cart, this can ensure that you are using the right method, we are assmble everthing for you.

For "build your own" desktops, please contact us (versuspowerservices@outlook.com) within 12 hours if you want to cancel, otherwise restocking fee may apply.

We are truly sorry if any inconvenience casued.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at versuspowerservices@outlook.com